Anonymous asked:

Do you know if Jaidin is still hosting the Superwholock gathering at Fanime? I'd like to go but I'm scared. Is anyone else going? Maybe we could stick together.

I don’t know, does anyone else?

I did contact Fanime staff by the way but I haven’t gotten a response yet, so I’m going to send them another message.




I’ve been looking through some things because my tag was acting weird, and I discovered that a certain person has deleted their blog, or at least revamped it to where everything is gone. I want to make sure that nobody is harassing anybody, no hate messages, nothing that could be harassment like sending them excess messages that they do not want. It’s not okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views.

Anonymous asked:

i asked and they Did say that jaidin didnt do anything because she "would never"

Okay, well make sure not to harass that person, thank you for the message relay, but it’s up to them if they want to accept the situation, it’s a very hard situation, especially if it’s someone you’re friends with who seems like they’re condoning that kind of behavior, I’ve recently been dealing with that sort of thing as well, so feel free to talk to me if you need to.

kitsuneheart asked:

Hi, this is Dione. I normally cosplay Cronus at meetups, if you remember me. I'm with staff for BABSCon, and I was wondering if there's further info, specifically on the legal processes going on, with Jaidin. I want to give con security the best info I can. (Also, please just reply, don't post an answer, since I don't want to open the con to legal issues of publicly asking.)

Anonymous asked:

just wanted 2 say that robotkun has been protecting jaidin and saying not guilty until proven innocent .. u can see it in their /tagged/jaidin-lockhart

I know, though I don’t know who they are in real life or what their stance is now that all this information and time has passed, though I don’t want anyone to be harassing anyone. It’s their choice if they want to believe whatever they want to believe.


A thing


The thing I posted a little while ago about Jaidin has been getting reblogged a lot today again, so I wanted to make a quick post.

If there is something wrong in your community, cosplay, school, university, knitting club, anything that you think might be wrong, do something. Talk to people, and if they’re not able to speak up about it, speak up for them, let them be anonymous, offer your voice.

The issue with Jaidin has been going on for so fucking long but nothing had been done about it. I’m not saying people are awful for not speaking up, I’m saying that if you think someone is in trouble is has been/is being harassed, I encourage you to ask them gently, talk to people who are willing to be a voice with you.

Make your community safe for everyone, don’t let predators continue on like Jaidin did for so long. Speak up.

From someone who requested to stay anonymous

hi haha um ive posted about this before on my main blog but id like to tell about my experience here as well under anonymous. im turning 17 soon (16 at the moment), and when i was 15 and new to homestuck cosplay, i went to a few meets and met jaidin. we became friends and a few weeks later she asked me out, and when i asked what age she was, she said she was 18, so i only thought it was a 3 year difference and i didn’t want to be rude (because i hadnt had very many relationships before) so i said yes. because she was a friend and i figured i’d give her a few weeks not to be rude, right? i immediately regretted it. she bought me a john shirt, and i thought that was extremely nice, but when we went on ‘a date’ so i could pick it up, she forced me to makeout with her in the foodcourt of the mall we were at. it made me extremely uncomfortable and she kept touching my back (which made it worse) but i still didn’t know what to do because she was a friend and bought me this shirt and so i didnt want to be the bad guy and break it off. i avoided her for a while and eventually texted her telling her i was going through some shit and needed a break from a relationship, and so finally i started going to meets again. she was still VERY touchy with me at meets (even though i told her repeatedly not to touch my back or my arms) so she really made me uncomfortable and basically made me stop going to meets. i havent gone to one in months because i was afraid of seeing her. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm not sure if you guys know this, but Jaidin owns and runs the 'bayareastucks' blog here on tumblr. The last activity on there was a month ago but it still might be a thing to avoid or take heed of if she posts what clans/gatherings she plans on attending. I have my own share of Jaidin drama, but I would just advise all to just stay away.

Anonymous asked:

Did you say a little bit back that you were taking these allegations to cons like Fanime as a warning for them to put out and to bar her from hosting panels/gatherings? I heard from a close friend she still plans to attend and host a panel, have you heard anything back from Fanime? It's really soon and a lot of us are worried

I haven’t sent it off yet but I plan to soon, I’m sorry I haven’t yet, I will keep everyone posted on the subject, but they may not take it seriously, someone else sent them a message and I don’t remember if they said they need proof or if they just didn’t care, either way, Fanime this year has been very sloppy, so after I do send it, don’t be surprised if they allow her to go, just make sure to stay with a friend, there is safety in numbers, and as long as you steer clear of her, you will be safe.

I am a friend of hers on gaia and recently i found out about her. I tried confronting her about it but she just brushed it off as a rumor. 

I had met her at a con somewhere in 2011 (my memory sucks) and she was talking to me for a while, and started caressing my arm. It was weird, but at the time i didnt realize what she meant.  So we exchanged gaia’s. One day i was online line and almost a minute later she messaged me: Hai QT whats your address?

I stopped talking to her after that, but now i’m in touch with her… She seems happy, but i’m keeping an eye on her