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I've been reading through this and I believe this blog has caused Jaidin to see what kind of damage has been caused. Now her actions are crashing around her head, and I think she's freaked out by that. So that's why you are getting so much backlash from her 'friends' and all the rape apologists. I hope she finds her wrongs and cuts this out. I hope the lovelies that have been hurt get better. You are doing a good deed here. Ignore the absurdities and continue this. ~An angry Signless Cosplayer

There haven’t been a whole lot of updates lately, I’m sorry about that, but this is very good to hear and I think you have a very good point. Thank you for your input.

Anonymous asked:

Last night I had a nightmare that Jaidin started posting on facebook and stuff again and that she showed up to a meetup and I woke up crying.

I’m so sorry. <3 If you come off anon I can try and connect you to some resources.

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Jaidin doesn't go to cons anymore, you've all scared her out of them. She's basically become a hermit now.

If that’s the case than I’m glad people can know that they’re safe. Also, just to be safe, I’m still going to contact upcoming cons.

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Do we have any updates?

Not as far as I know, I do know that Jaidin has been banned from Fanime, and the next one I’m going to contact is SacAnime. Does anyone else know anything? Updates as far as where she is/if she’s still doing what she does? I know she’s been active on Gaia but that’s as far as I know.

From what I’ve been hearing, nobody has seen Jaidin at fanime so far, so she probably isn’t here, but I have hear of a couple of other people who have been creeping on people, at least one will be at the Homestuck meet today. So please be careful, be with someone you trust, and please do not be afraid to go to con staff, this is what they’re there for.

I hope everyone here has a fun safe con. <3





This is Jaidin Lockhart, a large part of the Bay Area Homestuck community. It has come to my attention that recently that she has been a complete creep to people that I am very close with. I’m making this post because I knew that she was a creep, but I didn’t know how bad, it’s a lot worse than I thought.

When you ask her her age, her answer is different every time, but from a collective knowledge of who she is, we estimate her age to be around 26 years old. She touches under aged people inappropriately, takes advantage of people sexually, and it’s been spread around that she has raped someone, though it could’ve been speculation unless someone comes forward. (Someone has come forward saying they were taken advantage of while intoxicated, as well as for 6 months, though I don’t know the details I would consider this rape).

I’ve opened up my ask box on a mostly dead tumblr account for victims to come forward and tell me anonymously more information they think should be said, one person told me about how she’s been taken advantage of over six months, not knowing she wasn’t the only one, was also taken advantage of while intoxicated. Someone else sent me a conversation where she was extremely public about inappropriate subject matter (in front of minors) and even after being told to please stop, continued to the uncomfort of multiple people.

Jaidin will approach you in a sweet way. She’ll try to be your friend, shower you with compliments, flirt with you, try to make you feel good about yourself… But the truth is that her intentions are anything but good. She’ll butter you up and then suddenly she’ll start saying things that make you uncomfortable. For instance, she loved my cosplay (which exposed my stomach) so much she would say things like “I want to do body shots off your tummy.” From there things will only get worse. Trust me”

The ask for victims is still open on my dead account Kinkerbull for anyone who wants to come forward and have people know their experience, anonymity guaranteed.

Her tumblr is cyanidecatnip

I knew her in real life and I was just wondering, has anyone heard from her?

She is still active on Gaia as far as I’ve been hearing.

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A few close friends of mine posted a link to the original post on facebook and messaged me about it since they know I'm heading up to Fanime for my first con alone (I mean, I'm with a friend and everything, but still), and I really just wanted to thank you for sending out a heads up.

Of course! This is exactly why I did this, I’m glad you’ll be with someone you trust.